About me..


Stephen Minett: Lead photographer.

I'm old enough to have followed a traditional route in to professional wedding photography. I have been lucky enough to both study at college and to have gone on to complete a subsequent apprenticeship learning under the tutoring of an established professional. 
I have worked in photography all my life as a professional, at Harrods of Knightsbridge, in my own studio and around Europe. I've illustrated books and have often featured in the wedding press, winning many awards.

My Style of wedding photography?

Is a combination of all of the above, a perfect combination of a documentary style approach to wedding photography, mixed with fashion and portraiture. Check out my portfolio or book a no obligation meeting with me and I can probably show it better than I can ever explain it. 

I'm short i'm a wedding story teller, there to record your wedding day as it is, the laughs, the emotion, the romance. And to deliver some stunning high end portraits of you both. oh, I do groups too, as many or as few as you wish. 
Where did I start?

My intention like all aspiring young photographers of the time was always to be the next David Bailey, to be the household name when it come to photography and of course to be both rich and famous at the same time!

In 1991 having gained some experience and training, I was asked to and agreed to photograph my friend’s wedding. For this first taste of wedding photography I earned a grand total of nothing, but was bitten by the wedding photography bug. Shorty after this photography was about to change dramatically with both the Internet and digital cameras were around the corner, I’m thankful I cut my teeth on film cameras, without the instant preview, unlimited shots and photo editing they made me learn quickly what a great photograph looked like and how to capture it.

Going it alone:

In 1996 I built my first web site (still running today) volunteered to carry bags for other photographer and photographed weddings for free, much to the annoyance of  other wedding photographer of the time all to gain as much experience as I could. Obviously working for free didnt really do much to pay the bills! And photography became a weekend thing, a passion that I did outside of a career in retail. Slowly I found myself fitting my career around an increasing demand for my wedding photography, and while working in sales in 2011 was invited to take a position at the wonderful Harrods, there both a professional photographer and consultant.

I’m very fortunate to love what I do, and have managed to stay on trend and at times drive the trend for many years. Although wedding photography has evolved great imagery has stayed the same.I’m incredibly lucky to have also worked outside of weddings on both books and Film, but weddings and capturing your day remains the most diverse, enjoyable and challenging still.

If I know anything after some 500+ weddings is that no two weddings are the same, there are no do overs, and you cant control the weather. Weddings are unlike any other kind of professional photography, a once in a lifetime event and one chance to capture it on film, I was lucky in that when i started I happened across a lovely gentleman wedding photographer who would give me the encouragement , and skills to do this reliably and repeatedly and still love it after many years.

Not done it alone:

My first camera as a gift, (and the many rolls film developed)  from the most supportive parents anyone could wish for.
My partner Aimie for her continued support and the time spent living in what can only be described as a large extension of my office.
And to the Bride and Groom from my first paid wedding photography assignment more than 20 years ago and for the wonderful thank you from them both in a little card that is still on my desk ..


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